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A few years ago, at some German Car Wars Championship I entered with the most sophisticated car any of us has ever seen. Enough armor to withstand punishment, good armament and astonishing acceleration and handling. The only drawback was a severe sensitivity against collisions.

After two seconds game time I had accelerated from 25mph to 60mph and made an apparently impossible 90° turn exactly into a narrow street just as wide as my car. Which at the other end was entered by the only car competing equipped with a ram plate. The rule we applied is called "Confetti".

This was the moment when I decided to concentrate on vehicle design and not in complicated tactics.

After I learned and broke the construction rules in the Battletech Compendium I spent a few fruitless years looking for a fix. That's over now. The Silhouette Vehicle Construction System is far better than Car Wars if you want to make more than cars (though I miss the Armored Beer Refrigerator) and certainly better if you want to make gears.

So here come the Did-It-Myself Gears I have so far. Comments are welcome. I include a short description, a link to the UC generated .html and a link to the Silhouette file.

HACS-02HG-ART Thor Grizzly
A consequent follow-up of the Thunder Grizzly with an AGM launcher and a big ECCM. thorgrizzly.svc

HACS-01LG-SCT Telltale Cheetah
Thor's small companion: A slightly better armor, a slightly better ECM, a slightly better main weapon and a slightly better target designator than the original Cheetah. telltalecheetah.svc

HACS-02MG-MPS Thor Jaguar
This is only an attempt to make an airdroppable Thor Grizzly. I have not yet invested much thought and doubt I will. thorjaguar.svc

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