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I went looking for something like this when I needed a free designation/nickname for my own regiment. (Still haven't found a good one.) I found none, so I started myself. I don't own every book and I don't intend to buy every book, so please send me any corrections and additions. New regimental logos are especially appreciated.

Since Marc A. Vezina published this list on the Pod's website, he made some additions, first of all the logos, which are great. I copied them. I dared to vary something though:

I'm not sure how changing data (new COs, new Garrisons) should be handled. Another table row?

I left out some of the "information" from the first computer game's handbook. At least the german edition contradicted the SRAL (translation of computer game handbooks are not exactly known to be the spearhead of literature science), so I only included information not available elsewhere. Some of it in the unknown section, because they didn't differentiate between NLAF and NG. Watch out for CG1 as source, the page numbers are for the German edition. I also tried hard to translate back the Nicknames; please look it up and correct me.

The Source box should contain every place where facts about the regiment can be found, not only the first reference or stuff that is put into the table.

As of today, the list contains 41 Northern Regiments, 33 Southern Regiments and 2 Badlands Regiments.

The North

The South

Northern Guard Southern MILICIA
Northern Light Armed Forces Southern Republic Army
United Mercantile Federation Army Humanist Alliance Protection Force
Western Frontier Protectorate Army Mekong Dominion Peacekeepers
Miscellaenous / Unknown Miscellaenous / Unknown

The Badlands

Peace River Defense Force

[Peace River]
Logo Designation / Nickname CO / Garrison / Source
[The Paladins] 3rd Heavy Gear Regiment Com. Gabrielle Hunaman
The Paladins Western Desert
[1st Paxton Air Service Group] 1st Paxton Air Service Group Com. Jerry Everett
Peace River

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