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House Rules

Some rules for purely tactical games. Whenever there's a gamemaster present, she can do what she wants.

Note that these are not my own rules, but only my own collection of rules from various websites and members of the Heavy Gear Mailing List.

  1. General
    1. Don't Panic
  2. Construction
    1. Advanced NNets
      These are highly abusive and not allowed.
    2. Annoyance
      Not more than one is allowed.
    3. Hazardous Ammo/Fuel Storage
      Nope. The vehicle is gone either way, so this makes only sense in an RPG.
    4. Poor towing capacity
      "Cheapo loser flaw number one", to quote he Technical FAQ.
    5. Vulnerable to Haywire
      Only allowed if the vehicle has
      • two or more levels of ECM and/or ECCM or
      • sensor and/or communication ratings of +3 or more or
      • satellite uplink
    6. Difficult to modify
      Only allowed in prolonged campaigns where you have the opportunity to make repairs.
  3. Electronic Warfare
    1. The ECM rules on HG2-136 state that an active ECM's threshold is applied against all Sensor and Communication rolls, forcing the pilots of affected vehicles to
      1. use an action whenever they want to use their sensors or their communication, and
      2. make a roll against the ECM's threshold.
      While the first point has serious consequences in itself, the second often makes it impossible to use either of these systems at all. To compensate for that, a failed ECCM action does decrease the effective level of ECM by its threshold.
      Example: Vehicle A has a ECM with a threshold of 5 and Vehicle B uses ECCM to counter it, getting a threshold of 3. All units on B's side do not test against the ECM threshold of 5 but against the margin of 2.
      The costs of related perks do not change.

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